Hi and welcome back, a few months back (March 2022) I preordered Foundation’s Passport Batch 2 Bitcoin hardware wallet, and I have resently received my order (November 2022) this post is a quick one to show what is in the box once you receive it. This post will contain mainly pictures to show “what’s in the box (what you get for your money)”.

At this time I have not setup the Passport or even charged it, other than handling it for the pictures you see below I have not much with it, in the following days to this post will release another with the setup process and my opinion on the process and the feel of the wallet.

Let’s get started:

As we open the box in which the passport is shipped in we are presented with the box wrapped in sticky bubble wrap.

Just out of shipping box
Just out of the shipping box.

Showing all the sides of the box containing the passport.

front of box
Front of box once bubble wrap is removed.
box right side
Box showing right side.
box left side
Box showing left side.
Box Bottom.

Inside the box:

Once we remove the plastic wrap from the box containing the Passport inside we find

box lid removed displaying passport
Lid removed the passport is displayed.
get started instruction sheet
After removing the Passport an instruction sheet with a link to the setup page can be found.
seed words sheet displayed
Next is the seed words and backup code sheet.
cable and usb/sd card adapters.
After the sheet and a couple of stickers, the usb cable sd card and adapters are displayed.
all box contents in the frame.
All contents of the box.

This is all for this post we will continue to make guides using Passport hardware wallet where we will continue to explain the setup, use etc. In the mean time iof you would like to learn more about Faundation devices and their Passport wallet please check their website @ foundationdevices.com

As always if you notice something that is not correct or you have any Ideas or suggestions please contact us by mailing us at [email protected] you can also use our contact page to reach us.