Quick Unpacking and Comparison

Hello again today we are going to take a quick look at the new version of Coinkite ColdCard hardware wallet the MK4, so a couple weeks ago I received my new MK4 that I had ordered during the pre-order window back in January, this post is mainly like an unboxing just showing pictures of what it comes with inside the package and some comparison images with the previous version the MK3, and some of the new added futures, with that said lets get started.


As with the previous version packaging is a simple transparent plastic bag with some print on it including some of the messages from the block chain, important features of the bag includes

  1. The bag number, same bag number you get under the barcode you get printed on the top blue part of the bag and also you get the top piece of the bag inside when your coldcard is packed as a verification that no tampering has occurred. This bag number has been recorded into the memory of the cold card you receive.
  2. Additionally the bag is seamless on the bottom if you receive a bag that has a seam on the bottom side your bag has been tampered with and if the top part gets pulled apart it would display a “water mark” type indication showing that the bag as been previously open.
ColdCard MK4 bag, note bag numbers and seamless bottom both added security features.

In the bag you get the MK4 itself, a couple decals and wallet back up card where you can record your seed phrase words, the pin that you set and the anti-phishing words, and also as mentioned above the section of the back that get cutoff at the time of packing matching your bag number, that is all that it is contained in the bag.

Inside the bag you get the MK4 (not pictured), some decals and the bag number section.

Below is the MK4 with one of the new features, a protective cover that should help safeguarding the keys and the screen of the wallet.

ColdCard MK4 with new cover.

The next two pictures shows the MK4 front without the cover and the back.

ColdCard MK4 front no cover.
ColdCard MK4 back.

Below are the MK4 and the MK3 wallets side by side, the MK4 is smaller in size with a larger screen when compared to the previous iteration. Dimensions are as below.

All dimensions measure by BTChodl not published measurements.
ColdCard MK4 and MK3 side by side.
ColdCard MK4 and MK3 back side by side.

The new MK4 also include several upgrades/improvements on the previous version MK3, below are some of them in no particular order:

  1. USB-C connector
  2. NFC is now available
  3. Dual secure elements
  4. USB disk virtual mode
  5. an more…

As of the time of this post I have not been able to setup or get familiar with any of the functionality or features of the new MK4, stay close for future updates as I document my interactions with the new ColdCard.

To learn more you could also check coldcard web site.