This page will be constantly being updated.

  • Strike: Strike is a financial services app which allows you to send money to friends and family anywhere in the world without fees and rather quickly using the bitcoin network, you can also use the app to buy, sell bitcoin with close to no fees also soon you will be able to get paid in bitcoin, for more detailed information please visit their website.
  • Muun wallet: Muun wallet has become my go to wallet of late, it is self-custodial wallet for bitcoin and lightning is available for both android and iOS, check out their website to learn more and see if you think it is for you.
  • Cash App: Cash app is great simple app to buy bitcoin including the ability to setup auto buys daily, weekly or monthly, they also have the cash card which is a card that you can use where Visa is accepted and if you use their boost program you could get up to 5% cash back in bitcoin when used at restaurants. and of course you could also use the app to send your friends and family money.
  • Swan Bitcoin: With Swan Bitcoin you use a kind up set it and forget it approach, set up how much would you like to save and the frequency (daily, weekly or monthly) then set up the auto withdraw amount and wallet you would like to send your savings to and you are done, once the withdraw amount is meet it will auto withdraw to your wallet without you lifting a finger. Additionally Swan Bitcoin has collection of educational material you should check them out.
  • Sparrow Wallet: Sparrow is a Bitcoin wallet for those who value financial self sovereignty. Sparrow’s emphasis is on security, privacy and usability. Sparrow does not hide information from you – on the contrary it attempts to provide as much detail as possible about your transactions and UTXOs, but in a way that is manageable and usable.
  • Specter Desktop: Specter Desktop is a software application, which connects to your Bitcoin Core node. Specter Desktop functions as a watch-only coordinator for multi- signature and single-key Bitcoin wallets.