Fiat currency like USD, EUR, GBP, VES, ARS are being debased, by saving in these currencies you are loosing purchasing power on a daily basis instead of increasing it which is the main reason to start saving.

In the case of the United States trillions of dollars have been printed since the start of the covid-19 pandemic this has caused inflation to have risen at a faster rate than the previously estimated 2%, for the last 12 month period that ended in July 2021 inflation is at 5.4%.

You can easily see this inflation increase on the rising prices for consumer goods, some companies are also practicing a different tactic in order not to be so obvious and instead of rising prices of their products they are decreasing the amount of the product being package if you pay a closer attention to the packages and compare with the same pre-pandemic you will see that there maybe a few less ounces or maybe a couple less candy bars in the same looking container/packaging.

Bitcoin as I have mentioned before it is capped at 21 million total once this has been mined no additional bitcoin can be introduced, this makes it a good hedge against inflation, as an example why bitcoin is a good hedge see the comparison below.

Using an online inflation calculator I was able to find that the USD has had an inflation of 23.9% from 2009-2021 this means that for us to have the purchasing power of 2009 $100 we need to have $123.99 dollars in 2021

In contrast bitcoin value has risen 336,303.00% at the current price $44,661.67 since the of creation in 2009, to put this into perspective lets say that in 2010 when bitcoin was valued at $0.10 per bitcoin those 1000 bitcoins now will be worth $44 million.

Do not let the current dollar value of bitcoin keep you from starting to save in bitcoin as we really early and the upside is huge. I recommend you continue to read and learn about bitcoin and make your own conclusions, the sooner you start to DCA (dollar cost averaging) the better your returns will be a few years down the road.